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A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention,which could be a product or a process that provides,in general,a new way of doing something,or offers a new technical solution to a problem.

A patent is granted for technical inventions which stand out from prior art in the technical field concerned,meaning that they are "new" and based on an "inventive step"

Prior art includes all oral and written descriptions and every use made available to the public before the date of filing of the patent.

The subject of the patent application is only considered "new" if it has not been made available to the public before the date of filing,whether orally or in writing or in any other manner. A publication of the invention before the date of filing,even by the inventor himself,can be used to argue that the invention does not fulfill the requirement of "novelty." If this is the case,the inventor will no longer be able to obtain a legally valid patent. It is better to act on the principle of apply first,publish later.



While patents safeguard inventions,trademarks protect a name or brand. As more and more companies look for ways to carve out a niche and distinguish themselves from competitors,protecting brands has become critically important. As such,companies must vigorously protect their brands from the destructive effects of unauthorized use.

Our trademark attorneys and specialists handle all trademark-related matters,from prosecuting applications to full litigation. Screening,Clearance and Registrations



Align IP’s Industrial Designs group is comprised of dedicated professionals who focus on protecting our clients' designs using a variety of intellectual property regimes,including design patents. For more information about design rights,please see "Industrial Designs 101". As the firm has been protecting designs for more than 40 years,our attorneys have become experts in the field based on real experience,both in obtaining industrial design rights and in enforcing them. While other law firms work on the assumption that industrial design rights are relatively easy to understand and can be handled by any attorney,Align IP’s clients benefit from highly skilled and talented attorneys who focus in this specific area.

The firm’s clients recognize and seek this expertise,and as evidence,the number of design patent filings in 2010 increased by 50 percent - an impressive jump given this difficult economy. Our approach has consistently produced effective,focused resolution of design patent procurement issues and thus comprehensive design patent protection for our clients.



As domain names become increasingly recognised as strategic business assets,our clients are placing greater importance on managing their domain names. We optimise domain name protection by integrating domain name and trade mark management using customised software for this purpose.

We register domain names that complement trade mark registration in key markets. Our domain name advice is consistent with your branding strategies. We also keep a close watch on developments with top level domain names. We have a successful track record in securing new names for you,even when those names are in high demand. We are regularly involved in domain name disputes including the recovery of domain names from cyber squatters.

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The importance of Intellectual Property (IP),in securing a company's deserved-revenue,has become very clear and obvious in recent years. To ensure the expected addition in the bottom line from its suspected clients,a company needs to protect its IPs. Business companies therefore need someone to assist them in acquiring effective and long-lasting protection of their IP rights. Consequently renowned and innovative companies look for a strong and reliable partner who can take better care of the registration process of their IPs. Align IP stands there to assist you with their professional and sincere experience and competency in the field of intellectual property protection.

We are an IP law firm,based in Dhaka,Bangladesh,providing extensive range of strategically focused intellectual property services including expert advice in patents,trademarks,domain names,trade secrets,and design protection etc. for our valuable clients home and abroad.