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Design Registration

Design registration is intended to protect exterior design of a product, graphical symbols, either in part or as a whole. The design must have a certain degree of novelty in order to obtain a design registration and ALIGN IP helps to prepare the application and other documents on applicant’s behalf for protection of the design. Our service includes advice on the scope of protection that is desirable for any particular product and the rights acquired by registration of the design.

We assist our clients with the registration of design registration and maintenance of their registrations.

Our professionals are happy to assist you and your company. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Following Patent related laws are prevailing in Bangladesh:

  1. Patents and Designs Act, 1911
  2. Patent & Designs Rules, 1933

Applicant: Any person claiming to be the proprietor of a new and original design may apply for the registration in the prescribed form.

Requirements for Filing:

  1. Four (4) copies of the representation of clearly showing the features of the design by different views and name of the views. The representation may contain drawings, photographs, tracing or specimens of the design the design;
  2. Power of Attorney (Form-31).
  3. Statement of Novelty.

Convention Application: Application based on a foreign design application is possible within six (6) months from the date the foreign application. A certified copy of the application of the member of the Paris Union country must be filed along with the application.

Duration of Registration: The Registration of an industrial design is valid for five (05) years from the date of the application and renewable for two (02) further consecutive periods of five (05) years on payment of the prescribed fee. There is no grace period for the design registration. The applicant can file the ‘Extension of Time’ at any stage of the application.